“For we walk by Faith and not by Sight”
The miraculous testimony of Sis. Joyamma Varghese

  ::  Birth & Childhood    
Sis Joyamma was born in 1951 and brought up in a Brethren family in a small village at Ezhumattoor in Pathanamthitta. She had to undergo many physical ailments right from her childhood. She was hospitalized with kidney failure and blood pressure of 250/160. In 1965, she was transferred from Kottayam Medical College to Vellore C.M.C. Hospital where she underwent a major operation. It was found that her right renal artery was narrow and hence her kidney could not function properly. The operation was a failure and she was discharged from Vellore with a life span of just 6 months. Her condition turned worse day by day. Those who served her fell weary and tired. Many a times she felt no hope in continuing her life.
Nevertheless, despite of facing death quite often, she sustained by God's great grace. Meanwhile, the problem in the blood vessels affected the function of the heart.

Mrs. Joyamma Varghese

  :: Till Marriage   

She accepted Jesus as her personal saviour at the age of nine and later got baptized in 1968. Though she was aware of God's presence with her, the frequent struggles in life and her physical plight kept her aloof from trusting in God. Nevertheless, God did not forsake her. In spite of her sickness, she completed her High School, Pre-University and finally a qualified Lab Technician. In the course of time, her relatives took her to Kuwait. She was well aware that she will not get through the medical check up and never would be employed in Kuwait. Nevertheless, through the Hand of God and due to the hard work of her relatives, she was selected into the Ministry of Public Health. It was during this time that she was married to Pastor T.E. Varghese, then an employee in a private company in Kuwait. Her physical status would obviously hinder her from entering married life, but God opened ways. In spite of knowing the condition of Sis Joyamma, Pastor Varghese obeyed to the voice of God and they were joined together as a family in 1979.

“I will send you and your family and your generation to cities and nations as my witness”


Mrs. Joyamma did not desire to have a child since it would have some defects and to deliver a normal child was off the options of medical science. Meanwhile, they went to spiritual fellowship and God touched their hearts and they re-dedicated their lives to Jesus. Pastor Varghese was filled by the power of the Holy Spirit in the last moments of 1979. Mrs. Joyamma, who belonged to a tradition that did not believe in the work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament age, was thrilled and desired to experience this power if it was really true. She started praying and it was answered on January 4, 1980. She started seeing visions and revelations. Among the many promises received then was “I will send you and your family and your generation to cities and nations as my witness”. This was contrasting to her notion of not to have a child. But if it is God who promised, it will come to pass. However, things were not as smooth as expected.

The voice at the Eleventh hour…

She was pregnant. But her B.P. was very high. Kidney was not in healthy condition and the blood cells were below normal count. ECG showed variations in the heart's function. Finally, seeing the discharge sheet from Vellore, the doctors opted to abort the child. She did not know how to disclose this to her husband. As he left for work, she sat alone in the presence of God and prayed in tears. Her Lord saw her heart with compassion. Suddenly, she saw a person with dazzling light and glory come near her and pat on her shoulders saying, “Child, utter words of Faith” . She looked around but found none. But she felt a sense of relief and peace in her body. She experienced a new breath of life and realized that it was it was the Lord's hand that touched her. As soon as her husband arrived, she told everything what happened. He encouraged her and together went to the hospital. They did not favour the option of aborting the child. There were a great number of people praying for her. But her condition was getting worse every moment.

Everything impossible. But…

One day she saw a vision. On the wall it was written, “Dig in this valley. You will not see wind nor will you see rain, but this valley will fill with water”. The Spirit of the Lord revealed to her to dig pits of faith in this valley of sorrows. This is increased the faith and hope in her. She saw by faith the waters of deliverance in those empty pits of sorrows. Nevertheless, her condition turned very severe. The doctors decided to abort the child or they would have to loose both the mother and the child. Many broke down on hearing the news. She was being rushed to the operation theatre. Suddenly she heard that same voice, “I will send you and your family and your generation to cities and nations as my witness” and she saw a hand held out towards her. She read, “The right hand of the Lord is exalted: the right of the Lord doeth valiantly. I will not die, but I will live and declare the works of His hand”. The operation was on.

But it was beyond expectation, against all norms. Sis Joyamma delivered a normal 3 kg weighed baby boy. Thereby he was named Sam and was dedicated to the Lord.


:: The Miracle Child   

However, things did not go as easy as it should be. Sam was hardly 45 days when he was found to have hernia. He was taken for a prayer meeting but the guest speaker left after preaching. Pastor Varghese and Sis Joyamma left the prayer hall in disappointment. As she stood out, a car stopped near her. Somebody stepped out. It was the guest speaker who had left 15 minutes before. Sis Joyamma, who supposed him to have forgotten something rushed to him to utilize that little moment for prayer. But surprisingly he walked towards her and asked of a lady in tears holding a child named Samuel. Having come to know the fact, he quickly laid hands on the child, prayed and left immediately. As they reached home, they were astonished to find the hernia completely gone. But more were yet to come.

While Sam was 4 ½ months old, he diagnosed to have a bigger sized head, almost to that of a 9-month-old child. On the whole, the bones of his body were not growing properly. God had promised Sis Joyamma that she and her generation would stand as witness for God. But this child would not be able to walk or grow properly??? When her husband heard of this, he lost all hopes. They returned home with the child, laid him on his cot and they knelt down in prayer. Suddenly, Sis Joyamma saw a vision of an 18-19 year old youth holding a Bible and ministering the Word of God. The Holy Spirit comprehended it to her that this unhealthy child will do God's ministry and she will live and see it with her own eyes. She opened and eyes but saw the same child lying with an innocent face. But her faith was increasing. Again she heard a tumult out of intense luminosity, “He is my child, not yours. You are only to look after it. Go and do my service”.
Sam as a baby
That voice peeled off the screen of doubt of her child's future. The next day Sam was taken to the hospital.

The doctors were startled. They were awe struck with wonder
and started asking, “Is this that same Child?” This was because this child did not show any signs of abnormality. After sharp interrogation the doctors did the tests again. The bones were growing in perfect shape. They asked to take measurement of the head for 3 months. But after a month they said that the child was perfectly all right. He grew up miraculously.  
  ::  Hanging on the promises     
In 1982, God healed Sis Joyamma miraculously. Later, in 1984, God gifted her with another wonderful boy child. While in her last month of pregnancy, she saw on the walls of her ward written in bright colours, “May 02, 12'o clock”. She was worried knowing not what was to happen at this foretold moment. But the earlier experiences and the promises fortified her hopes and faith. After a few days, on May 01, 1984, her condition turned worse. Till then she was perfectly all right. But suddenly her B.P. shot up. She was falling unconscious. In fact, she was being led to another divine experience, her second experience of such. After a few hours, exactly at midnight, May 02 her second child was born - Dany.
Pastor Varghese & family in Kuwait-1988

"God is not slack in his promises”

Sam, at the age of 7, accepted Jesus as his personal saviour and two years later was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. He later got baptized at the age of 12 before leaving Kuwait with his parents in 1992. After having completed his Bachelor's in English language and Literature with high first class, Sam took up his dream goal to serve the Lord through the various talents bestowed on him. At present he is doing his higher studies in theology at CFNI in Dallas, USA.

Dany also accepted Christ as his personal saviour, was filled with the Holy Spirit and later baptized at the age of 11. As an answer to fervent prayer, he passed the Medical Entrance Examination and earned admission at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College for MBBS under open merit quota. He is now in his third year of studies.
Sam and Dany
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